Mr. No One - Besureis

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Written by:
Duke Ingram
Additional writing by Rubin
Arrangements by Artur Ferraro
Additional arrangements by Mario Ferraro

Directed and edited by Teresa Adamson

Special thanks to our irreplaceable "Mr no one" - AZAD KHAN;
Poopsie La Moore, for being the brightest star of them all.

Make up by Katy Gill
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Our thanks goes to Frank and Paul at "Franks" (legendary) Sandwich Bar.
Biggest thanks for all your love and help to Mary Williams Elder, one of the brightest angels walking on this planet, at Kensington United Reformed church.
Thanks to Mike and the team at Infactuation Productions

Also huge thanks to Kevin Vanbergen and Richard Whittaker at FX.

The band:
Duke as Duke
Sharmain - Sacred spirit
Jule - Earth spirit
Rubin - Soul collector

Animal Friends:
Amarilla - The Peacock
William - The Goat at Battersea park

Please note, no animals were harmed and all were treated with love and respect.

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