Animals : A Parallel History

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BESUREIS are thrilled to have been approached to write the title track for the movie "Animals : A Parallel History"

"Animals: A Parallel History" is a feature documentary film written, produced and directed by Stevan Zivkov Andricin.

Below Stevan explains the idea behind the movie.

"The idea of this movie project is to encourage governments into educating school children about Animals History.

Animal History education could be the one of the key for the environment and animals on planet Earth and we think that this is revolutionary idea. On the movie premiere tour across the European and US cities next year, we will invite ministries of education, academics, professors, teachers, media, etc, to introduce them our idea to get Animals History into the schools.

I also believe if we educate impressionable young children that Animals are participated in humankind history, they will grow up to be better people and will have a stronger sense in humanity and they can help the animals much more.

I'm sure that we need new and breakthrough ideas and new kind of tactic to raise the effectiveness of movement. It's obvious that the movement is stuck in a public education stage.

During the work on previous documentary movies, I realize how fascinating is the animals role in the history of humankind.
The invention of film marked the beginning of the modern age. The story of the first film is simple; it shows a horse rider galloping. Like many times before, man and animal were participants in the history of humankind, history, which has forgotten about animals. This is the picture of first movie scene ever.

As animals do not have the power of speech and their fate is not taught in schools, this movie is a modest attempt to show people the shared history. Movie shows how animals decreased in importance over the last 200 years, from the Progressive Era, and became ordinary machines for food and experiments in 21st century.

Kind regards,

Stevan Zivkov Andricin writer, producer and director


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