Unity - Besureis

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This is our brand new track "Unity", which is available as a free download.

We were very honoured to be asked to write a song for the "Unite" project, which raises awareness for the 11 March 2011 earthquake in Japan. which anyone can donate freely to the charity of their choice.

WE ONLY HAD TWO DAYS TO WRITE , RECORD AND SUBMIT THE SONG, as it was a matter of urgency and we were up against the clock, SO PLEASE FORGIVE US IF THERE'S ANY TWEAKS, all our love, BESUREIS.
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UNITY (non album track)

Written by Duke Ingram
Co - written by Kien Lim
Additional writing by Sharmain,
Rubin, Jule and Mario Ferraro.
Big thank you to Chloe Boleti.

All Besureis' songs and work are copyrighted.